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Surat Cinta Untuk Starla The Movie - Season 6

Hema guy who is obsessed with his love for nature has the uniqueness of making a love letter for nature. Assisted by his old typewriter's legacy of his former journalist grandfather, Hema creates a mural showing how much Hema's love for nature is. Nature is the only love that Hema knows. Until one day Hema knew Starla. A beautiful and self-contained girl who for six hours has managed to make her fall in love. For the first time Hema realized there was a love letter that was more beautiful than a love letter for nature that was a love letter for Starla. But as Hema and Starla get closer, suddenly Starla's attitude changes. Starla angry and away from Hema even told Hema to forget the 6 hours of their story that became viral in social media even broadcast on the radio by Athena, a friend of Hema. Until one day Hema just found out the cause of Starla's change of attitude associated with a secret past the Hema family. How does Hema and Starla's relationship continue? How is Starla ...

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